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Robust, Dependable, Well Maintained Equipment

ROP Services' Positive Displacement Mud Motors

have demonstrated superior reliability in the most challenging of downhole
environments. Working in conjunction with our clients, each motor is assembled at the motor shop and specially configured for the specific
application to which it will be used. Drawing on our vast experience, the specific power sections are selected for the particular areas and
formations that will be encountered during the execution of the well plan.

ROP sales and operations professionals work directly with the client to ensure that the correct bit and motor configuration will go in the hole for
maximum performance.

All ROP Services power sections are lined with HP (High Performance) rubber to ensure maximum power, torque, and durability.  The
different lobes and stages are selected to ensure the optimal downhole RPM’s and torque are delivered relative to the compressive strength of the
rock formations anticipated on each expected bit run. 

Even Wall or ERT (Even Rubber Thickness) power is also available in our inventory for an even greater increase in performance and durability.

ROP Services' PDM's have larger internal drive line dimensions than our competitors in order to accommodate the higher torque output from
our power sections. The drive shaft is splined to ensure reduced vibration in the internal components by evenly distributing the torque load from
the rotor to bit box. The bearing pack has a flow restrictor which reduces pressure in the bearing assembly, creating a near balanced condition.
The reduced pressure in the bearing assembly reduces the load on the bearings and seals, thus increasing the durability and life of the motor.

In order to ensure the most efficient execution of the well plan, bent housing settings are selected to maintain effective directional control while
drilling vertical or straight sections of the well.  A shorter bit to bend is normally utilized to ensure higher build rates with a lower relative degree
setting in order to achieve higher performance regardless of whether the particular section of the well plan is straight or deviated. When the BHA
gets to the deviated section of the well plan, the shoulder of the bit is better preserved to ensure maximum effectiveness in delivering the required
build and or turn rates for the planned trajectory.

All of ROP Services' motors are carefully serviced and inspected by the best motor service technicians in the industry and dispatched to the job
site in as new condition.  All components are individually monitored and tracked to ensure that they are pulled from service prior to the end of their
expected life cycle in order to ensure that there will be no NPT incurred due to serviceability of our motors.

Please contact your ROP Services Account Manager for more details.
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