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"Measurement While Drilling", or MWD,

tools are utilized in the drill string to provide real time data from down hole to the surface.

The Directional Driller uses the data from down hole and then calculates the exact position of the well and determines the next course of action. In
fact, depending on the modules utilized, all stakeholders will find the data useful for optimizing drilling operations.

At ROP Services we offer both mud-pulse and EM (electro-magnetic) telemetry depending on what our client's needs are.

ROP Services Mud Pulse MWD - Is capable of running in Non-Magnetic Drill Collars from 3 ½” to 12” OD. Our mud pulse MWD system is
modular in design for easy transport to location and customizability. This allows us to configure the down hole tool in whichever way that is required
for that application.

Options include:

Tri-axial accelerometers and magnetometers to determine direction and attitude toolface orientation, and temperature
Fully retrievable and re-seatable bottom mounted pulser
Top mounted rotary pulser for use with RSS systems
Real-time Gamma ray or Focus Gamma ray logging module
Real-time vibration and shock module

The pulser has a very efficient and powerful gear-leadscrew which allows for longer battery life providing +500 hours of down hole use (for standard
Directional/Gamma) and can push-pull ~ 150 lbs force making it less susceptible to LCM material. The complete tool string is rated for 150°C,
however it can be configured to 175°C upon request.
ROP Services EM MWD - Sets the standard by which all EM tools are rated, having proven itself and opening up the window to use EM
telemetry in more areas of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

The ROP Services EM MWD utilizes either 4.75”, 6.5”, or 8” Gap Subs. The EM System is modular in design for easy transport to location and
offers a number of features that may not be found in tools except from the major service providers. The dipole is hard mounted to the gap sub and
is considered the most robust design on the market. Some of these include:

Two way communication,  ability to change programming and/or boost power from surface
Inclination and Azimuthal gamma at the bit facilitated by proprietary 'short-hop' technology
Real time annular pressure
Gamma ray
Collar RPM
Real time axial and transverse shock and vibration logging
Two way EM communications with RSS tool
Formation Resistivity logging

With all of these features, the ROP Services EM MWD delivers the ability to maximize performance for the operator through being able to
provide the data from down hole which is needed to mitigate unnecessary reduction in performance due to uninformed drilling parameters. The tool
is smart and tough, useful for underbalanced drilling, any type of fast drilling, lost circulation zones, managed pressure drilling, or any type of rock
or sand drilling which requires data rates not possible with conventional mud pulse tools.

The two way EM communication allows for an extremely efficient use of battery life, allowing the operator to power up or down, depending upon
formation signal impedance and to turn it off while tripping.

Tough design, smart and fast updates, strategically placed data stream, and efficient execution all combine to make ROP Services EM MWD
system the tool of choice for operators looking for accurate and proper well placement, quick feedback on drilling and hole conditions, as well as a
reduction in NPT. Contact your ROP Services account manager for more details.
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