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ROP Services has implemented an engineering and planning service that will assist our customer’s pre, during, and post well. We can
optimize the drilling process through modeling, measuring, and refining by expert personnel whose recommendations help operators make
decisions that can lead to improved drilling practice in real time.

ROP's Drilling Optimization service focuses on all crucial aspects of drilling a wellbore. We maintain the integrity of the BHA as well as
engineer and advise both hydraulic pressures and hole cleaning based on a pre and as-drilled modelling.

ROP Services understands that borehole quality from surface to TD has an effect on drilling efficiency. Throughout the planning process,
ROP will identify and recommend drilling tools, BHA’s, and parameters that strive to drill the most efficient well possible.

ROP’s engineering and planning service will assist with:

•  Maximize weight-on-bit transfer
•  Minimize drill string buckling
•  Minimize downhole vibrations, more importantly, stick/slip and dysfunction
•  Supply fit-for-purpose BHA’s
•  Monitoring of MWD drilling diagnostics
•  Evaluation of borehole to ensure energy input to bit
•  Evaluation of ‘invisible’ NPT on surveys and connections, as well as other operational "flat times"
•  Evaluation of as drilled parameters and information to provide operation support and recommendations

The Optimization Team will dig-in to dissect pads to find ways and specific areas that we can improve overall performance as a team.

We will provide summary strip charts with comments as well as real-time vibration management interpretation and time analysis. Also,
wellbore quality/effects on drilling performance and how to utilize as drilled surveys to understand limitations on both slide/rotary drilling

Real time torque and drag, pipe buckling vs. shock & vibration slip stick concerns, data interpretation, tool service recommendations, and
suggest new technologies in aiding in the evaluation and post-usage follow ups.
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