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Engineering & Well Planning

ROP Services Ltd. provides excellent customer service with our highly skilled, punctual and reliable Well Planning team with a focus on
building the most cost effective and optimum well trajectories.  We provide 2D and 3D designs using Landmark’s COMPASSTM well
planning software, the oil and gas industry’s leading software application, to meet client and government requirements.

Our dedicated well planning team are extremely well versed for all well planning scenarios including multiple well pad design, Anti-
Collision Reports, Torque & Drag Analysis, SAGD, and multi-laterals.  Well plan drafts, revisions and finals (End-Of-Well Reports) are
always delivered in a timely fashion.

Well Planning Services provided:

Directional, Horizontal & Multi-Lateral Proposals

Sidetrack & Re-Entry Designs

Drawings/Wall Plots

• Proposals
• Proposed vs. Actual
• Spider Plots
• 3D Plots
• Completion Diagrams

Anti-Collision Reports

Daily Drilling Data Management

• Daily Surveys
• Plot Updates - Proposed vs. Actual

Well Engineering

• Torque and Drag Analysis
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